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Lions Come In 17th In ESPN's Helmet Power Rankings

If you were still looking for a sign that the NFL lockout is in full effect, look no further than ESPN doing power rankings for NFL helmets. No, this is not a joke. ESPN actually had eight people vote on the best helmets in the league, and then they were ranked based on the total amount of votes.

Why am I telling you this? Well, as ridiculous as it is, there really isn't much to talk about aside from the Lions' daily workouts, and even those are only set to take place through Thursday, so we might as well take a look at the rankings, which place the Lions 17th.

Only two people have the Lions' helmet in their top 10, but one of them has it fourth. That is good enough for the Lions to be 17th, which isn't horrible. It's not great considering the rest of the NFC North is in the top 10 (the Packers are fourth, Vikings seventh and Bears ninth), but it certainly beats being one of the six teams that didn't receive a single vote.