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Dre Bly Attends Wednesday's Lions Workout

The first two days of workouts being held by Detroit Lions players included zero cornerbacks. On Wednesday, one cornerback was in attendance. Interestingly enough, it was someone that isn't even on the team: Dre Bly.

Bly was with the Lions during training camp and the preseason last year, but he was released after Detroit traded for Alphonso Smith. Originally it was believed that Bly would be a part of the team going forward, and he had a decent preseason. After getting Smith, however, Bly became expendable and the Lions parted ways with him.

Bly didn't sign with any team after being released by the Lions last year, but he is staying in playing shape in case another opportunity presents itself.

"I am just trying to stay ready, just in case," said Bly, who still resides in the area. "With the CBA (collective bargaining agreement) going on, you never know what's going to happen. I'm just going to stay ready." 

A full recap of day three of the Lions' workouts will be posted shortly.