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Detroit Lions' Workouts Best In The NFL?

Detroit Lions defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch is one of the people responsible for organizing the workouts taking place this week. The Lions are far from the only team where players are getting together to work out, but Vanden Bosch and offensive guard Rob Sims both feel that Detroit's workouts are the most effective.

"This has probably been the best-organized and well-attended player-led workouts of anybody," defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch said between workouts. 

"You see what people are doing on SportsCenter, but we're really working," Sims said while wearing a sweat-drenched shirt in Auburn Hills after his second workout of the day. "It's going to be good for us."

We all know about the Lions' workouts on the field at Country Day, but some players are also working out later in the day at Athletic Republic. The trainer, Michael Knight, isn't even charging the Lions players for use of his facility at Athletic Republic because for him this is a "dream come true."

Part of what has made these workouts so good is that they have direction from a guy like Knight. The workouts are actually achieving something in that regard, and in general they are building team chemistry. Workouts can only be so effective if the turnout isn't great, but the Lions have had at least 30 or so players show up each day. On Wednesday, Matthew Stafford actually went to the workout instead of finishing up some important off-the-field business.

Matthew Stafford said he stopped signing his closing papers for a dream home in suburban Detroit to join his teammates for the third of a four-day minicamp set up by him, Vanden Bosch and center Dominic Raiola

"I've got to be here to make things go," Stafford joked after walking through a 2-minute offense with teammates.

It can't be easy having players from all over the country just drop everything and fly to Detroit for a week, but about half of the Lions' team managed to do just that. Obviously you would have liked to see everybody be there, but the fact that 30 were able to make their schedule work is quite impressive.