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Detroit Lions Reportedly Turned Down Offer To Be On Hard Knocks

Thanks to the Buccaneers turning down an offer to be on HBO's Hard Knocks, there has been a lot of talk this week about which team should instead be on the show. Football fans voted on the matter and chose the Detroit Lions as the team they want to watch, and HBO apparently took notice.

According to The Detroit News, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Friday that the Lions were offered to be on the show by HBO. They declined the invitation, however. The coaches and players don't want the cameras being a distraction or giving other teams an inside look at what goes on in Allen Park.

The Lions are actually the third team to turn down an offer from HBO. As mentioned, the Buccaneers already declined an offer, and the Denver Broncos did as well. It seems nobody wants to be on Hard Knocks right now, so HBO will have to keep looking.