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NFL Finds No Evidence Of Improper Contact

There has been a lot of talk that teams are having illegal contact with players. The illegal contact is supposedly happening with assistant coaches, who are talking with players during the NFL lockout despite the rules clearly prohibiting them from having any communication.

The NFL decided to look into the claims that this improper contact is happening, and after quickly examining the situation, they've determined that there is nothing to see here.

"Not at this point," said Greg Aiello, the league's senior vice president of public relations. "It's not an investigation, per se. We're monitoring what's taken place and follow up on various reports, then follow up on any specific information."

Aiello said the NFL hasn't found any evidence that backs up the numerous reports of illegal contact. I'm skeptical that the NFL even looked that hard at the reports or bothered investigating it, because usually when there is this much smoke there is also fire. To me it seems like the NFL decided just to put out the smoke in order to not deal with the fire.

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