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Lawrence Jackson Had Ankle Surgery This Offseason

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ProFootballFocus recently interviewed Detroit Lions defensive end Lawrence Jackson. It is one of the more interesting interviews I've read lately. Jackson talked about offseason ankle surgery, how disappointing his time in Seattle was, the Lions picking Nick Fairley, how much he hates Tony Romo and much more.

Here's a quick look at what he had to say about the surgery:

The ankle rehab is going excellent. I’d say I have an extra two inches of range of motion in my ankle.  Getting my body used to the firing of the muscles.  My calf muscles look different when I flex [as compared to] six months ago.  I’m starting to get into football specific movement this week doing get-offs and running around with cleats on the field.  I’ve been doing footwork to increase the weight bearing aspect of it.  I still need to build up strength in that new flexibility, the tendons need to stretch and get stronger, the calf muscles need to stretch and get stronger, [and] my quad needs to get used to my knee being over my big toe.  That’s something I haven’t had in six to seven years.  It’s going very well.

Check out PFF for the full interview.