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Louis Delmas Would Be In Favor Of Lions Signing Dre Bly

Last year, cornerback Dre Bly was signed by the Detroit Lions. The thinking was he would be a veteran presence in the Lions' secondary, but he was let go after the Lions traded for Alphonso Smith.

After spending the 2010 season not playing at all, Bly is hoping for another chance to join a team this year when the lockout ends. He has stayed in playing shape and spent this past week at the Lions' workouts. Louis Delmas joked about Bly being old, but he liked what he saw and would like to see the Lions sign him.

"He might be 85 years old, but he can still keep up with us," Delmas said. "Having him join our team would be very complimentary to our secondary."

"He's an older cat that knows the game," Delmas said. "Obviously, he's played here before us so he'd be able to get us out of situations that we've never been in before."

Depending on what happens with Chris Houston, the Lions very well may need to sign a guy like Bly. Even if Houston is brought back there might be a need for added depth. It will depend on what direction the Lions go in after the lockout ends.