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Stephen Peterman Likes Lions' Consistency

Barring injury issues, the Detroit Lions should have the same five starters on their offensive line as they did last year. Left tackle, center, right guard and right tackle have had familiar faces for a few years now, but only now is the entire offensive line set to return. That's because left guard Rob Sims, who was acquired last offseason, has finally put a stop to the revolving door at LG.

With all five starters set to be back in 2011, RG Stephen Peterman thinks this consistency is something very important for the Lions.

"For an offensive lineman - people don't realize - once you get the play, that's just part of the battle," he explains. "You get the play; you get the snap count; you get up to the line. And from that time until the ball is snapped, a lot of things can happen: Defenses can shift, Matt might change the play, (dealing with) crowd noise and stuff.

"So you have to be comfortable with the guys next to you, knowing what they're gonna do and they have to know what you're gonna do. Because if one guy messes up, up front, it messes us all up.

"So it's good to have those guys, it's good to have the same coaches, it's good to have all of our coaches back, and have the same system where we're not changing any calls, not changing any plays and line calls, and stuff like that. It's really good to have us together.

The only thing consistent about the Matt Millen era was lots of inconsistency. Now the Lions are finally being consistent in a good way.