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Bob Seger At Concert: Lions Will Make Playoffs (Video)

Bob Seger played a few concerts at the Palace last week, including one on Saturday. Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz was at the show, as he mentioned on Twitter.

Look for me tonight at the Palace for Bob Seger concert. Ramblin' Man!less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

According to the Detroit Free Press, Schwartz got the chance to meet Seger backstage prior to the show. During the concert, Seger said that the Lions will make the playoffs in the 2011 season. MLive had video of Seger yelling this to the crowd, but the link is no longer working. If it gets reposted I will update this story.

In addition to his playoffs prediction, Seger apparently dedicated "Old Time Rock and Roll" to Schwartz. If Schwartz does indeed coach the Lions to the playoffs, I think he can expect a few more shout outs from people across the state.

UPDATE: Via MLive, the video of this is after the jump.