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NFL Cancels Rookie Symposium

We are still months away from training camp, preseason games or regular season games being threatened by the NFL lockout, but it has already claimed its first victim: the NFL rookie symposium. The NFL canceled the annual event, which was going to be held in Canton, Ohio, at the site of the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year.

The event was scheduled to begin on June 26. Because the NFL lockout has no end in sight, the league went ahead and canceled it. Barring a sudden change for both sides in this labor struggle, the chance of everything being resolved by next month was unlikely, so now the symposium, which "is designed to teach rookies life lessons on dealing with football, finances and their new lifestyle," is off altogether.

David Canter, who is Lions rookie Doug Hogue's agent, said this about the cancellation of the event:

"Obviously I'm disappointed because I think the symposium is a valuable learning and bonding experience," player agent David Canter said. One of his clients, linebacker Doug Hogue, was drafted by Detroit.

"Canceling the symposium is part of the issue related to the inability of the owners to put forth a deal that can get done in time so we can get back to football and the business of football," Canter said. "It's all very upsetting and sad for all parties involved."

Canter is exactly right. This whole labor saga is upsetting and sad for everyone involved. Neither side seems ready to work to bring an end to it, though.

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