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More On The Detroit Lions' Staff Furloughs

It came out yesterday that the Detroit Lions were planning to begin furloughs for their employees. Essentially, those who work for the team would be forced to take two-week, unpaid vacations as a way for the team to cut some costs and save some money. More details surrounding these furloughs have since emerged.

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports that the furloughs began last month. This fits more with the timeline that was previously laid out for the Lions' lockout plans. Back in February Larry Kennan, the staff director of the NFL Coaches Association, said Lions coaches wouldn't have their salary reduced until at least 60 days after the lockout starts.

Kennan also said that the salaries of Lions coaches would be reduced 25 percent. That number fits with what Tom Kowalski reported earlier today. He said that "low-end employees" will have their salary reduced four percent, whereas "high-end employees" will have their salary reduced 25 percent.

The Lions have declined to comment about these furloughs. Spokesman Bill Keenist released a statement that simply said, "While we have made some adjustments to our business operation due to the current labor situation, we are not going to comment specifically about the changes."