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Grade Martin Mayhew - May 2011

The last time Martin Mayhew was given a grade was two months ago. Nothing had really happened since the end of the season, and really the only thing that has happened in the last couple months is the 2011 NFL Draft. Obviously what happened during the draft could have changed some people's grade for Mayhew, but without free agency and trades, he hasn't been given a chance to make a ton of moves.

Regardless, I think now is a good time for everyone to once again evaluate the Lions' general manager. If the lockout ever ends and free agency happens, we can once again grade Mayhew. In the meantime, let's see if Mayhew's grade has changed at all since February, when he was given an A by the majority of voters.

Vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments. My thoughts are after the jump.

Like the past few polls, I have seen nothing that causes me to lower my grade, so I once again gave Mayhew an A. This year's draft only reaffirmed my grade for Mayhew. The Lions added three instant contributors in Nick Fairley, Titus Young and Mikel Leshoure, and they got a couple of good developmental players later on. The team is in good shape going forward, and I'm really looking forward to what Mayhew has in store for free agency.

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