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Photo: Ndamukong Suh's Gumball 3000 Car

Ndamukong Suh seems to be having a good time in London. He has taken a picture with a lion statue, met a Detroit Lions fan and now has unveiled the car he will be driving in the Gumball 3000:


I thought Suh was supposed to drive a Dodge Challenger or at the very least a Chrysler/Dodge car, but it appears he is going to navigate across Europe in a yellow Mercedes. The stickers on the car are his various sponsors. His main one is Driver, a video game series. This August Driver: San Francisco will be out, and it is Suh's primary sponsor.

The Gumball 3000 will officially get started tomorrow. As a reminder, the rundown of stops during the week-long event is as follows: start the race in London and then go to Paris, Barcelona, Cannes Film Festival, The Monaco Grand Prix, Venice, Belgrade, Sofia and Istanbul.

As always, check out Suh's Facebook page and Twitter feed for updates during the event.