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Lions Notes: Another Hard Knocks Poll Favors Detroit

  • Matthew Stafford will be on NFL Total Access on Thursday Friday. (Update: Stafford will be on Friday, not Thursday.)
  • The Atlanta Falcons are the latest team to turn down Hard Knocks. The list of teams that have said no to the show now includes Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Denver and Detroit.
  • Speaking of Hard Knocks, Pro Football Talk put together a poll to see which team fans would want to watch on the show. For the NFC, the Lions won the poll over the Eagles, Saints and 49ers by garnering 39.53 percent of the vote. The next closest team is the 49ers with 25.28 percent of the vote.
  • Former Lion Chris Spielman likes the direction the current Lions are going in.
  • Lomas Brown doesn't have football to analyze during the lockout, so he is taking on some other "jobs" at ESPN.
  • Writing for ESPN, Football Outsiders' Mike Tanier ranked the Lions' trade of Roy Williams to the Cowboys as the ninth-most disappointing deal in the last 25 years. It's on the list both because of how much the Cowboys gave up and because of what the Lions ended up doing with the picks they got (Brandon Pettigrew is solid, but Derrick Williams and Aaron Brown haven't done much in the NFL).
  • EA Sports released some info earlier this month about improvements to its franchise mode in Madden 12. The new features sound pretty cool. (Via Mocking The Draft)
  • Another sign of how ridiculous the NFL lockout is: Jerry Jones had to get special permission to attend Tony Romo's upcoming wedding.