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Lions Reportedly Hired Brandon Fisher Months Ago

The Detroit Lions announced the hiring of Brandon Fisher, the son of former Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher, earlier this week. The press release said that Fisher will be an assistant to the defensive coaching staff, and it sounded like Fisher was just hired this week.

As it turns out, Fisher was hired long before this week, as Tom Kowalski reports.

Well, first, it turns out that Fisher has been on the Lions' staff for months and the Lions are just now making the announcement. Why? Because the Lions like to guard every piece of information like the security of the free world hangs in the balance. (Ask me again why the Lions won't let the cameras from HBO's "Hard Knocks'' into their facility.)

I have no idea why they just now made the announcement, either. As Kowalski said, the Lions like to guard every little bit of information that comes out of Allen Park, and apparently they felt now was the time to share the Fisher hire with the rest of the football world.