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The Sporting News Interviews Ndamukong Suh

Earlier this week, the Sporting News interviewed Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. The interview touched on a number of subjects, including Suh's extra point attempt against the Jets last year, not being the first overall pick, having Nick Fairley join the team and more.

Here is what I thought the most interesting question and answer were:

Q. What’s the one thing about you that might surprise people? 

Suh: I guess I’m a fun-loving teddy bear. I’ve got two sides to me. Obviously, there’s the football side that a lot of people see -- the mean, ferocious, coming-after-the-quarterback guy. But off the field I’m a calm, cool, collected guy. 

Suh is absolutely right. On the field his goal is to wreak havoc and destroy quarterbacks (just ask Jake Delhomme). Off the field Suh is a calm, relaxed guy with so much charisma that he has multiple endorsements for big-time companies. It's an interesting dynamic with how different Suh's personality is on and off the field, but it's definitely a good thing for the Lions. They have a ferocious defensive tackle on the field and a guy that can represent the franchise off it. It's not often a DT with that much talent and personality comes around.

Check out more of the Sporting News' interview here.