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Video: Ndamukong Suh Also In A Nike Commercial?

Earlier tonight I posted the video of Ndamukong Suh's new Chrysler commercial. Shortly after I discovered that Suh posted a video on his Facebook fan page earlier today of what looks to be a new commercial for Nike. Take a look:

If this is indeed a new commercial, Suh can add Nike to a list of TV advertisements that already includes Dick's Sporting Goods and Chrysler. He has also been involved with Subway, but I don't know if he's actually appeared in a commercial for them yet. If he hasn't, it's probably only a matter of time.

Suh is the most marketable defensive tackle in the NFL and is actually the most marketable Lions player. Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson have both been in commercials, but Suh seemingly has the longest list of endorsements already. Not bad for a second-year player at one of the less glamorous positions in football.