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Larry Foote Thinks Lions' Furloughs Are 'Ridiculous'

Former Lion and current Steeler Larry Foote was made aware that Lions employees are taking forced furloughs as the NFL lockout continues. News about the furloughs came out last week, and Foote was apparently quite angry upon hearing about them.

"That's ridiculous. We all know through this lockout owners aren't losing money, they're making money," Foote said. "They pay us $1,000 a week just to work out. Roster bonuses haven't been paid." 

"To lay people off to save money," Foote exclaimed. "I don't know who they're trying to fool. How the heck are they laying people off? I don't get that part. That ain't right right there. That's affecting people's lives; they're not making millions of dollars, many of them are going check to check.

I can understand Foote's anger, but he is very misinformed about these furloughs. First of all, the reason the Lions implemented them is to save money in case games are lost. If no games are missed, employees will be paid their rightful salary and whatever they had taken away during the furloughs.

Second of all, the Lions aren't laying people off. Everybody that works for the team is simply taking a two-week unpaid vacation. Some franchises may be laying people off, but the Lions aren't doing that.

Finally, everybody in the Lions organization -- coaches, front-office personnel, people that work at the Allen Park facility, etc. -- are being forced to take the furloughs. It's not just the people on the bottom of the salary ladder.

I think Foote is mad at the owners in general, which, again, is understandable. He needs to get his facts straight before he spews of a bunch of criticism at the Lions, though.