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Mikel Leshoure To Attend Next Week's Player-Organized Lions Workouts

Wide receiver Titus Young was the only Detroit Lions rookie to attend the player-organized workouts at Detroit Country Day earlier this month. The other rookies received some criticism for not showing up to the workouts, but all criticism was unwarranted. Kyle Vanden Bosch, who helped organize the workouts, only had an email list that included players from last year's roster, so no rookies were even informed of the workouts. Young was made aware because he trained with Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford the week before the workouts, but the other rookies were left in the dark.

Leshoure didn't even find out about the workouts until he was off to Los Angeles for the NFL Players Rookie Premiere. There he got a chance to hang out with Young, who spoke of how helpful the workouts were.

"Titus told me he learned a lot," Leshoure said. "He didn’t really learn a lot as far as the playbook, but he learned some basic things, the route tree and things like that. He said it was beneficial to him."

Leshoure plans to attend "everything that this team has from here forward," including workouts that are scheduled to be held next week. These workouts will apparently be more football-focused instead of worrying about conditioning. In fact, Stafford called up Leshoure and told him to be there so he can help teach the rookie the playbook. Now that is good leadership.