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Lions Were Reportedly Willing To Give Up Three Picks For Patrick Peterson

Following up on yesterday's story about how the Lions attempted to trade up for LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson, Dave Birkett reports that the compensation offered by Detroit included three picks in the 2011 NFL Draft.

According to a person familiar with the talks, the Lions offered the Arizona Cardinals first-, second- and fourth-round choices for the Cardinals' pick, No. 5 overall.

The Cardinals declined the offer and selected Peterson, whom some analysts rated as the draft's top prospect regardless of position.

As speculated going into the draft, the Lions weren't able to move up simply by trading picks from this year's draft unless they were willing to unload their first four picks. They only had six total, and moving into the top five by giving up only a second- and fourth-round pick wasn't going to happen. Had the Lions wanted to make a deal come to fruition, they would have likely had to give up a future pick or two for the Cardinals to accept a trade.

Just as I said yesterday, I'm glad things worked out the way they did. Had the Lions' offer been accepted by Arizona, they would have been able to draft an impact corner in Peterson. They would not have had a second-round pick to take Titus Young, however, and they wouldn't have had enough ammo to move back into the second round to select Mikel Leshoure. Obviously they would have still had a third-round pick, but I will take Nick Fairley, Young and Leshoure over Peterson and an unknown third-round selection.