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Doug Hogue Scouting Report

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LB Doug Hogue (Syracuse) - Round 5, Pick No. 157

One of the Detroit Lions' most pressing needs going into the 2011 NFL Draft was at linebacker. Many believed Detroit would address this need on day two, but they waited until the fifth round to take a linebacker. That's when they selected Doug Hogue, who only switched to linebacker from running back a couple years ago.

Experts' Opinions

Hogue is a very good athlete, but he is extremely raw and may never be able to contribute at the next level. He has excellent speed to make plays all over the field and has the lateral agility to be effective in both man and zone coverage. However, he struggles to locate the ball carrier and is frequently caught out of position. He also gets engulfed by blockers too often and lacks the hand placement and technique to shed quickly. Hogue is a work in progress, but he has a chance to be drafted if he runs really well.

Positives: Athletic linebacker who displays tremendous skill in space. Shows good awareness and instincts to quickly locate the ball. Gets depth on pass drops, displays outstanding skill in coverage, and constantly around the ball. Very aggressive and productive in his all-around game. Fluid pedaling in reverse and smooth opening his hips in transition. Stays with tight ends or running backs down the field, plays with explosiveness, and moves quickly in every direction. Immediately alters his angle of attack and loses no momentum. Breaks down well and uses his hands to protect himself.

Negatives: Lacks bulk and easily controlled at the point of attack. Gives effort defending the run but not stout at the point. 


He is undersized and lacks elite point-of-attack skills. However, he moves well laterally with above-average range and can hold up in coverage.


2008: 2 tackles

2009: 72 tackles, 9 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 1 interception

2010: 95 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 2 interceptions



Outlook for 2011

Hogue is not expected to be an instant starter or anything like that. Instead he is someone that will likely take some time to develop and in the meantime will get work on special teams. It's likely the Lions will address their need at linebacker during free agency (whenever that begins) with someone like Stephen Tulloch or Stephen Nicholas.

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