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Rick Gosselin: 'Lions Are Gonna Be A Playoff Contender'

The Dallas Morning News' Rick Gosselin once again proved to be the best when it comes to putting together mock drafts. His was the most accurate one out there for predicting the 2011 NFL Draft, and as we all know he correctly had the Detroit Lions picking Nick Fairley in the first round.

Gosselin was interviewed last week about the upcoming season and was asked about the Lions. After being so accurate with his mock draft, what he has to say about the 2011 season certainly is worth paying attention to.

"I thought just bringing back what they had last year, the Lions are gonna be a playoff contender. I thought what they did in two games against Green Bay last year showed me they can play with the best team in football. I think they'll be the team that chases the Packers in the North this season"

Let's hope this prediction is as accurate as the one he made for the Lions in his mock draft and Detroit does in fact become a playoff contender in 2011.