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2012 NFL Mock Drafts Have Lions Taking Stephon Gilmore

Earlier this week I said that I would no longer mention the phrase "mock draft" until next year, but I have one more set of 2012 NFL mock drafts to pass along first. Why? Because three separate ones have the Detroit Lions picking the same player: South Carolina cornerback Stephon Gilmore. I'm not sure how three different people agreed on the same player for a certain team, but Gilmore is the consensus pick for the early, early look ahead to next year's draft.

Perhaps the more interesting thing is to compare where each of these three mock drafts has the Lions picking in the first round. Here's a breakdown:

Todd McShay (ESPN): 16th

Peter Schrager (FOX Sports): 20th (he says the Lions will break the .500 mark and barely miss the playoffs)

Andrew Perloff (SI): 12th

Schrager is the most optimistic about the Lions' record in 2011, whereas Perloff isn't quite as high on Detroit next season. McShay is in the middle and has the Lions picking halfway through the first round.