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Lions Tickets Sales 'Significantly' On The Rise

Due to the NFL lockout, overall interest in football seems to be down this offseason. The NFL Draft provided a nice break from the nothingness that has taken over since the lockout went into effect, but in general the lockout is doing a number on the buzz generated by the NFL.

While this lack of buzz has dropped traffic on websites and some teams have been dealing with issues with season-ticket holders, it is not keeping the Detroit Lions' ticket sales down one bit. In fact, they're up "significantly," according to Tom Lewand.

"We are significantly ahead of where we were last year and last year we experienced significant growth over 2009," he said. "The trend has continued and even accelerated in 2011 vs. 2010. We are up significantly in new ticket sales and we're up also significantly in our overall season-ticket base with renewals on existing season-ticket holders."

I can't remember the last time the Lions have generated so much excitement among fans. Not only is the talent on the rise, but so are the hopes for next season and the overall interest in the franchise. Now let's just hope they are able to live up to the hype and keep people interested going forward.