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Nick Fairley In Madden (Screenshot)

Usually EA Sports releases screenshots from the new edition of Madden that feature all of the first-round picks from the NFL Draft. This year, however, no screenshots were released, so fired up Madden 11 and created the rookies and put them on their respective teams. The site then took screenshots of all the first-round picks, giving us our first virtual look at what Nick Fairley will look like in a Detroit Lions uniform.

Check it out:


As you can see, the screenshot has Fairley and Ndamukong Suh lined up next to each other. Part of me thinks it's a bit unrealistic because neither of the offensive linemen blocking them are on the ground, but perhaps this screenshot was taken right after the snap.

In any case, my guess as to why EA Sports didn't do anything for the draft this year is that they didn't want to bother because of the labor issues and all that. Madden 12 will still be released no matter what happens with the lockout and CBA, but for now I'm betting they didn't want to put the likeness of rookies in their game without a CBA in place, although they will have to at some point.