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Detroit Lions Rookie Scouting Reports

Last week, I did scouting reports for all five of the Detroit Lions' 2011 NFL Draft picks. I looked at what the "experts" had to say about each pick, career stats, videos and what each pick's outlook is for 2011. Here is a rundown of the different scouting reports:

Last year, I also did scouting reports for all of the Lions' undrafted free agents. In total, there were scouting reports for 16 rookies, and those posts helped fill the void in May, which is typically one of the quieter months in the year for the NFL. Of course, May 2010 doesn't even come close to how quiet things are right now with the NFL lockout still in effect. UDFAs are unable to sign, so for the time being there are no additional scouting reports to look at. When the lockout is lifted and signings can be made, I will continue this series with the UDFAs the Lions bring in. For the time being, though, you will have to make do with the five linked above.