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Lions Notes: New Free Agency Rules In The Works?

  • Dave Birkett talked to Johnny Culbreath's former offensive line coach and got his take on the Detroit Lions' seventh-round pick.
    "Johnny is a great football player," South Carolina State assistant Demetrius Davis said. "I really don't know if there were any more tackles taken in the draft that would be more athletic than him. There probably was some that were taken that were a little bigger and a little stronger, but I would put him up against any of them as far as athleticism and things of that nature."
    The O-line coach went on to say that if Culbreath had played for a big-time school like Florida State or Auburn or Alabama, "(his) name would have been called in the first round."
  • The NFL is reportedly working on new free agency rules for 2011 in case it is forced to start the league year by the courts. These rules wouldn't necessarily be drastically different than past rules, nor would they be the only option (simply reverting back to 2010 rules is what most people expect would happen), but they would provide an alternative to simply going back to last year's rules.
  • Jim Schwartz was interviewed by NFL Network last week and talked about the 2011 NFL Draft.