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NFLPA To Hold Own Rookie Symposium

In response to the NFL's decision last week to cancel its annual rookie symposium, the NFLPA has opted to hold its own version of the event. The event will be two days long and take place at the end of June. Its purpose is to educate rookies about financial responsibility and planning, proper behavior on and off the field and other things that will be important as players make the transition from college to the NFL.

The agent of Detroit Lions rookie Doug Hogue is very happy with the new event, as he was disappointed by the decision to cancel the original rookie symposium.

"I'm very happy that the former union made this decision," said Canter, who counts Syracuse linebacker Doug Hogue, a fifth-round pick of the Lions, among his clients. "The symposium is a great experience for all players. For this year's class, it's even more valuable because of the lack of information. And this will be the first time all of these players have been able to meet."

The NFLPA will cover all of the travel costs related to the event.