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Ndamukong Suh Attends Friday's Lions Workout

After missing the week of player-organized workouts in May and skipping the first three that were held this week, Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh decided to attend Friday's session at Detroit Country Day. This marks the first appearance from Suh at the workouts put together by Kyle Vanden Bosch, who earlier this week said he wasn't concerned by Suh's absence.

On Twitter after the workout, Suh said he "had a great workout with my teammates" and added that he appreciates the coaching and tips from Willie McGinest, who went through the workout for a piece for NFL Network.

After the workout was finished, Suh did an interview with NFL Network, but he declined to speak with the local media. That has upset some of the local reporters, who think they were blown off by Suh. Terry Foster of the Detroit News did publish an article this morning with new quotes from Suh, but that interview apparently took place two weeks ago.

Foster actually broke the news early this morning that Suh would be at today's workout, and Foster said Suh "came specifically to support teammates and to end silly talk that he does not care about them."

In any case, Suh was at Friday's session, and hopefully if more workouts are scheduled in the future he will be at them as well.