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Detroit Lions Wrap Up This Week's Player-Organized Workouts

The final session of this week's player-organized workouts for Detroit Lions players took place on Friday morning. Four total workouts were held this week, and below is a rundown of news from the workouts on Thursday and Friday.

  • Thursday's workout had approximately 33 players in attendance, including Titus Young and Mikel Leshoure, who weren't at Wednesday's session.
  • Ndamukong Suh, as reported earlier, was at Friday's workout.
  • After the Lions finished their workouts in May, they already had another set of them scheduled for June (the ones that were held this week). No additional workouts are planned in the future right now, but if the NFL lockout continues I would imagine something will be put together. Hopefully the lockout does end sometime soon and there is no more need for player-organized workouts, though.
  • Kyle Vanden Bosch, who helped organize the workouts, said he "couldn't be happier with where the players are at right now."
  • Drew Stanton called the workouts "beneficial" because it helps to have teammates pushing you.
  • Matthew Stafford said it's on him to teach Titus Young and Mikel Leshoure as much as he can since they are "potentially very valuable parts of (the team)."
  • There was apparently a tug of war competition on Friday and the team of Matthew Stafford, Drew Stanton, Jeff Backus, Mikel Leshoure, Nathan Vasher and Zack Robinson was "dominating."