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Willie McGinest Talks About Working Out With Detroit Lions

NFL Network's Willie McGinest attended Friday's Detroit Lions player-organized workout. While there he filmed a segment for NFL Total Access, which featured him going through the workout and showing what it is all about. He also was interviewed by Rich Eisen and was asked about how the workout went. Here is a rundown of what McGinest had to say:

  • "It was a little different than I expected." It was not like the usual weights and football workout, but rather was focused more on conditioning and getting your heart rate up.
  • With 30-plus Lions at the workout, including some of the team's main leaders, guys can gauge where their teammates are as far as conditioning is concerned.
  • "Most of the guys seemed like they're in pretty good shape."
  • "They split up after they did the workouts and did some individual stuff." Without the coaches, that was a bit harder to do, but it was still nice to see guys come together.
  • "We had some fun out there. We had a good time."
  • McGinest's team lost the tug of war because the smaller offensive guys started a little early with a quick count. "Look for Detroit's offense to implement a lot of quick counts this year."
  • The workout is probably a little different than most because Kyle Vanden Bosch brought in a training group to help organize and run it. Other places are probably doing more traditional football stuff and incorporating things like this in along the way.