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Jim Schwartz Gives Us The Quote Of The Week

Earlier this week, Detroit Lions players and coaches were able to make contact for the first time since the NFL lockout started. At the Lions' charity golf outing in Dearborn, the players and coaches were told that contact was allowed as long as it didn't relate to football. This led to a funny moment between Jim Schwartz and Matthew Stafford and an even funnier quote from Schwartz.

"We're just here to raise money, have fun and enjoy the weather," Lions coach Jim Schwartz said. "There are no ulterior motives. You aren't going to see guys doing seven-on-seven drills on the back nine. Nobody is going to be sprinting down the fairway or swimming in the pond or doing sand work in the bunkers."

The thought of Lions players sneaking around in bunkers or water hazards on a golf course in order to secretly practice with their coaches is just hilarious. Of course, nothing like that happened as Schwartz said, but the pure hilarity of it would have almost made sacrificing draft picks or being fined worth it.

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