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Video: Detroit Lions' Defensive Line In Madden 12

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E3, a huge video game conference, took place earlier this week, and EA Sports used the venue to show off a number of their upcoming games, including NCAA Football 12, NHL 12 and Madden 12. Specifically with Madden 12, many of this year's new features were shown off, as was a lot of footage from the game.

EA Sports took requests from fans regarding what footage they would show, and one of the them was apparently to give us a look at the Detroit Lions' defensive line. Specifically, fans wanted to see Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley lined up together, and EA Sports accommodated the request with this video:

Speaking of Madden 12, some player traits were posted earlier this week. Ndamukong Suh's traits include utilizing the swim move, spin move and bull rush move. His consistency is rated as four out of five stars, whereas his confidence is only three stars (I have no idea why). Finally, EA Sports characterizes him as having a high motor.

Isaiah Ekejiuba's player traits were also posted, although I'm not exactly sure why considering he is just a special teams player.

(Video via SideLion Report)