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Lions Players Don't Have Problem With Nick Fairley Missing Workouts

Aside from Ndamukong Suh, Nick Fairley was the most notable absence from the Detroit Lions' player-organized workouts. Many were wondering why he hadn't attended any workouts, and he explained why earlier this week at the Lions' charity golf outing.

As to why he missed the first four sessions, he said, "There's an issue back home that I've been dealing with. But I am working out and staying in shape." 

For what it's worth, Tom Kowalski said Fairley's reason for missing the workouts is "totally legit." Visiting the White House was also a legitimate excuse to not be at the workouts, although that was for only one day. In any case, Dominic Raiola said that Lions players at the workouts don't have an issue with the ones that didn't show up.

"Whoever doesn't show up is not going to be looked at as guys who are dodging this or who aren't team players," center and offensive captain Dominic Raiola said. "Everybody is going to be looked at the same. Nobody is going to be like, 'You weren't here, you are a step behind.' Nothing like that." 

Fairley said he has been working out by doing cardio work and lifting weights. He also said he doesn't think he's missing anything by not being at the workouts. I disagree with that notion, but Fairley thinks he will be ready to go as soon as camp begins.