NFC North Fan Favorites part #2

I am back with another addition to our weekly series of FAN FAVORITES. Last week we talked about the QB position, and this week I think we should look at the guys who do all the dirty work for the glory hounds, I mean QB's. Once again I am asking you for your top 5 favorites on the entire offensive line.With the big guys up front I am afraid that some of the young guns around here will not be able to even name 5 guys from each position on the O-line so we are going to take them all at once. And once again please put them in order that you want them counted in. 1st gets 5 votes, 2nd gets 4 and so on and so on, just like last week.

When I think about the blockers there have been some very memorable guys over the course of time, and some you don't remember the names because they were grouped into 1 big bunch like say the vaunted (HOGS) from the Washington Redskins days of glory. So I am going to take single names and group names and bunch them together. Now here's the catch for this weeks poll. If you want to say a line like (The Hogs) please don't name an individual from that same line it just counts as 1 vote. Now I BEG some of the older voters that if you use a given name like that or a different one please put the team name next to them, I am pretty sure I know every group name that ever existed but to make sure I do just add the Team name and if you could throw me a bone and give a vague year of said line. And if you do pick a guy off of a vaunted line like say Russ Grimm or Joe Jacoby, I know they are members of the "HOG's" but some of the younger guys may not, so if you could be so helpful and give a line name when one is warranted I would appreciate that immensely.

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