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Gil Brandt Impressed With Matthew Stafford's Gil Brandt ran into Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford in Dallas last week. Stafford returned to his hometown after the Lions' player-organized workouts and was working out at a local school.

Brandt said he "barely recognized him." Here's why:

From the waist up, Stafford looked like an offensive lineman. From the waist down, he had the legs of a wide receiver. In other words, not only is he fully recovered from the shoulder injury that sidelined him much of the 2010 season, but he also has gotten himself into phenomenal shape.

Fans have been worried about Stafford’s health. From what I’ve seen, there’s nothing to worry about. Stafford looked great throwing passes in 100-degree weather down here in Texas. And afterward, Stafford told me he felt very positive about the practices that took place in Detroit.

Having surgery on his injured shoulder really turned out to be a great move by Stafford. He repaired the damaged shoulder and in turn enrolled in a rehab program that focused on bulking him up. Pictures from the workouts have shown just how much bigger and stronger he looks, and Brandt's in-person look at the Lions QB confirms the transformation Stafford has undergone this offseason.