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More Videos From Last Friday's Lions Workout

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With Willie McGinest and NFL Network cameras in attendance for last Friday's Lions player-organized workout, we got a look at what went on during the session. We also got to hear from Ndamukong Suh, and McGinest gave his perspective on the workouts.

Only a couple segments aired during last Friday's NFL Total Access, but additional videos have since been posted on The first one worth watching is Matthew Stafford mic'd up at the workout. In the video you get to see Stafford throwing passes, doing different drills, joking around with a teammate and in general having fun. You also get to see up close just how different Stafford looks with how much he has bulked up this offseason.

The other video worth watching is an interview with Kyle Vanden Bosch, the organizer of these workouts. Vanden Bosch talked about the importance of getting players together during the NFL lockout and what the Lions were trying to accomplish with the workouts.