Matt Millen: The worst thing in the NFL

Voted on by P.O.D, Matt Millen wins the dubious award of being the worst thing in the NFL.  The final vote was 55-54, as close as it possibly gets.  Personally, I was holding out hope that the blackout rule was going to pull it out in the end, but it never got above Millen.  I can see why he's the worst for the Lions fans and team in general, and I know I voted for him multiple times during the bracket.  Congratulations, Millen, here is your reward:



Take kindly to this Matt, as nobody else has received this award yet.  It's yours for the taking.  Treat it with respect.  I came across Matt the other day and asked him some questions about the award, and here's what he had to say:

Me:  How does it feel to receive the first (annual?) award of "The Worst Thing in the NFL?"

MM:  "It's nice to have the full support of the Detroit community. Seeing my name on all of those banners and signs at games gives me a warm feeling inside, the feeling you get when you sense that you're minutes away from being canned."

Me:  You do realize that the award was for the "WORST" thing in the NFL, right?  Do you blame anyone for this?

MM:  "I didn't blame those people one bit.  "I get it. I understand. If I was them, I'd do the same thing. I'd be just as mad."

Me:  How long did you think it would take to receive this kind of award?

MM:  "I don't know what the time frame is. I'd (have) liked... for it to be sooner."

Me:  Does it hurt not winning any type of award, game, or anything for such a long time?

MM:   "It hurts ... It really does. We've not won here for a long, long time.

Me:  Thank you for your time.  I hope you know you're still a big, fat, ugly, dumb asshole.

MM:  "That goes without saying."

*All quotes are the sole property of Matt Millen.  He actually has said these things.

Thank you everyone for voting throughout the duration of the bracket.  If you all like, I will make another bracket for the "Best thing in the NFL,"  and we would go about it the same way.  Just let me know in the comments if you would like for this to happen.  Thanks again, it's been fun.

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