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Coaches Told To Be Ready For Business To Resume In Second Half Of July?

If a new collective bargaining agreement is in place sometime in July, NFL teams can't just immediately go back to normal activities like nothing ever happened. Business will open quite shortly after a new CBA goes into effect, but it's not as if coaches and players can snap their fingers and be ready to move forward.

Once a new CBA is ready, the first thing that will need to happen is the opening of free agency. Teams still need to address needs and free agents still need to find new homes. After that, players already under contract need to return to their teams to get a chance to meet with coaches. At the same time, coaches need to get a look at players and potentially hold some OTAs just to gauge where everybody is at before rushing into training camp, which is scheduled to begin at the end of July.

While nothing is concrete right now with dates, NFL coaches have reportedly been told to prepare for business to resume in the second half of July.

There's no deadline for the NFL to complete negotiations with its players, but coaches across the league have been alerted business could resume anywhere from mid- to late July, with two sources telling me there's a feeling that late July is more likely.

That tells us two things: 1) that management believes a settlement is probable, and 2) that it still acknowledges there is substantial work to be completed before players and owners complete an agreement.

Things could obviously change, but evidently the NFL feels like a deal won't be in place until we get closer to the scheduled start of training camp. What this could mean is that teams decide to delay the start of training camp a bit to give front offices time to sign free agents and coaches time to meet with their players. You don't necessarily want to drop everything and go full steam ahead into training camp, but unless a new CBA is in place in the first half of July, it will be quite the time crunch. Of course, I think everybody is willing to deal with a time crunch if it means the lockout is over, so that will probably be the least of people's worries by late July.