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Internal Battle Developing Between NFL Owners Over CBA?

In the last couple weeks, there have been numerous reports about the latest developments in negotiations between the NFL and NFLPA that were seen as very positive. While none of the reports necessarily indicated that the lockout could end at any second, optimism was high and the talk was that a new collective bargaining agreement could be in place at some point in July.

The optimism over the negotiations developed from reports that the NFL and NFLPA were making progress in their talks. There's no telling how close the two sides are, but at the very least they are not as far apart as they were earlier in the offseason.

Unfortunately, the division between the owners and players may not be the only concern going forward. Adam Schefter reported on Friday that an internal battle is developing between owners. According to Schefter, a "handful of NFL owners" think the deal being talked about right now is still too favorable to the players. They are concerned that the deal will involve a repeat of the 2006 CBA, which favored the players quite a bit.

As it turns out, this developing internal strife is apparently the reason owners have been told to prepare to spend an extra night in Chicago at the meetings set to take place next week. Originally it was thought that the extra day could be needed to vote on a new CBA, but instead it seems the extra day may be necessary to "try to fend off some of the resistance that is mounting." Let's hope it is indeed fended off, because the last thing this labor strife needs is a battle between owners just when the NFL and NFLPA are making progress.

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