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Titans' Tim Shaw Has Been Working Out With Lions Players This Offseason

Tennessee Titans linebacker Tim Shaw, a native of Livonia, has spent his offseason working out at Total Sports in Wixom, Michigan. Because of the NFL lockout, some Detroit Lions players have also been working out at Total Sports. Some of the Lions players spending time there are fullback Jake Nordin, defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch, defensive end Cliff Avril and long snapper Don Muhlbach.

Before you ask the inevitable question about if Shaw could sign with the Lions next season, you should know that he is a restricted free agent. That doesn't mean he will for sure return to Tennessee, but based on his comments about the effect the lockout is having on the Titans, it sounds like he isn't going anywhere.

"Think about it: You've got a program where the coach is staying and everyone knows their stuff -- they have an advantage, no doubt about it," he said. "So teams like us ... there's definitely a lot of things that we need to know right now that we don't."

Shaw did say that the Lions players invited him to work out with them and have pushed him to train even harder this offseason. This connection may not result in Shaw becoming teammates with the players, but at the very least he now knows some guys on the Lions.