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Donald Thomas, Tony Ugoh Glad To Have Fresh Start In Detroit

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After being let go by their original teams last season, offensive linemen Donald Thomas and Tony Ugoh both ended up landing with the Detroit Lions. Thomas was signed in late November and Ugoh inked a deal with the team in December.

While neither player is expected to be in the mix to start for the Lions next season, both could end up making the team as backups. Considering how Thomas' time in Miami and Ugoh's time in Indianapolis came to an end, both are just happy to have a fresh start with the Lions at this point.

"I absolutely feel like I am the same player I was when I was a starter," Thomas said. "I just didn't get a chance to showcase that. But I am healthy and happy to be working again."

"All I was looking for was a fresh start with a new team, and I have that here in Detroit," Ugoh said. "I am ready to do what I have to do."

The battle for roster spots on the offensive line should be an interesting one to watch during training camp.