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Jim Schwartz Picks Winning Nickname For Lions Defensive Line

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Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz selected the winning defensive line nickname for his Twitter contest on Wednesday. After going through the extensive list of suggestions, he ultimately settled on "Silver Crush." He likes the nickname because it acknowledges tradition (the Lions defensive line in the late 1970s/early 1980s was called "Silver Rush") while also slightly updating things for the current D-line. Schwartz admitted that only time will tell if it sticks (he said he doesn't want to force it), but it was his favorite.

Finishing behind "Silver Crush" on Schwartz's list of favorites were "The Dis-Assembly Line" (my personal favorite) and "Non-Stop Motors." Here are some other nicknames he liked:

Most original: "Ghost & Darkness" (The names given to the two man-eating lions that terrorized Kenya turn of the century)

Noted Others: Detroit Pride, Blue Thunder, Motor City Maulers, Motown Madmen, Motor City Mayhem, Detroit Muscle, Uncaged Rage, Ferocious Four, Heavy Metal Rush and Pain Gang.

Since around 100 people suggested the "Silver Crush" nickname, Schwartz will decide the winner of the autographed football by picking a name out of a hat.