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Details Of Proposed CBA Leak Out

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NFL owners are meeting today in Chicago to discuss the proposed collective bargaining agreement. A vote on the potential new CBA is not expected to take place because this is supposed to be an "informational" meeting only.

Just as owners are being informed of the details of the proposed CBA, so are fans. ESPN's Chris Mortensen, John Clayton and Adam Schefter compiled information earlier today and put it all together for an article on ESPN. Below is a rundown of the important bits of info from the proposal.

  • The players' share of the pie would be 48 percent. The pie, in this case, is all revenue and would not give the owners $1 billion or more off the top. Also, under this proposed CBA, the players' share would never go below 46.5 based on a "new formula" that is being discussed.
  • A salary cap would be in place and teams would be forced to spend "close to 100 percent of the salary cap." This would ensure that some teams don't spend much less money on salaries, allowing for veterans to potentially make more money and for there to be even more parity across the league.
  • There would be a rookie wage scale, but the details on how it would work are still being discussed.
  • If a player has been in the league for four years and becomes a free agent, he would be unrestricted. Teams could still have the use of franchise and transitional tags, but those details are also still being discussed.
  • The rest: An 18-game regular season would be considered a "negotiable item" and nothing more. ... Starting in 2012, there would be 16 Thursday night games during the regular season. ... Owners would get expense credits to help with funding new stadiums. ... Health care and pension benefits for retirees would be improved with revenue projected to be $18 billion by 2016.