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Louis Delmas Considered A Top 5 Safety By Pat Kirwan's Pat Kirwan thinks very highly of Detroit Lions safety Louis Delmas. In a recent piece where Kirwan ranked the top 30 safeties in the NFL, Delmas was included in the top five.

Kirwan's rankings are interesting because they are divided up into groups of five players at a time rather than ranked player by player. What this means is that he doesn't have a top overall safety or anything like that, but Delmas is one of the five safeties in "Group A." Here is the brief breakdown from Kirwan on Delmas:

An emerging free safety who too many coaches pointed to when I asked for some new names at the position.

Kirwan has Delmas' stock on the rise. He also has the stock for Packers safety Nick Collins and Seahawks safety Earl Thomas on the rise. They are both in the top five with Delmas, as are Pittsburgh's Troy Polamalu and Baltimore's Ed Reed.