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Training Camp Rosters To Expand For One Season?

In the past, NFL teams have been allowed to begin training camp with 80 players on their roster. During the course of the preseason the roster shrinks to 75 and then 53 players after the final game. This gives teams a chance to evaluate which players should make the team and also have depth for when injuries occur.

With no offseason training programs or OTAs taking place this offseason because of the lockout, chances are there will be a lot more injuries than usual this training camp. This, along with some other factors, could lead to a proposal to expand training camp rosters to 90 players for this year.

Normally, teams would have expanded offseason rosters filled with players on "futures" contracts, whom coaches can assess throughout offseason workouts and organized team activities before deciding who to bring to camp. Obviously, that entire process has been sacrificed because of the lockout.

"I don't know anyone in my position who wouldn't support it," one general manager told me. "We'd love to be able to bring 90 in (for training camp). And from the players' side, it's more opportunities for them."

There is also talk about expanding the practice squad by a spot or two for the 2011 season. Nothing formal has been proposed yet, though.