Just wanted to give our boys much props!!!!

Well today is one of my son's B-Day's today, he turned 8.. So I wanted to see if any of our beloved Lions players would give him a shout out on twitter. As of now I/he has received 2 1 from our very own LoJack and the other from Cliff Avril!! He was so excited about it. And I thought I would share it with you all here on the Pride. Plus just thought I would give them much Props for this shout outs.. Not to many players let alone celeb.'s would take the time (all of 30 secs) to do something like that....


Now I've tried and tried to figure out how to post anything besides words on here and I plain just can't do it.. I even have tried going step by step how profiler ( I think it was him) posted on here how to do it and I have failed every time!!



Lawrence Jackson dillon happy 8th bday you're growing up in a great time...haha u get to touch an iPad...endless possibilities for you young man!!!

Cliff Avril happy Bday Dillion... Enjoy ur 8th one
I hope this work these are the twitter posts

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