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Nathan Vasher Glad He Doesn't Have To Deal With Free Agency

Right before the NFL lockout started, cornerback Nathan Vasher re-signed with the Detroit Lions. That was a very wise decision for Vasher.

When the lockout hopefully ends in the next few weeks, hundreds of free agents will be looking to sign with teams. Many teams will certainly be looking to fill needs, but with the market so flooded and the draft already taking place, there is obviously no guarantee everybody will get an opportunity. For that reason and the fact that Vasher knows where he will be going when the lockout ends, Vasher is glad to be under contract with the Lions and not in the situation he was in a year ago.

"Just like any other free agents that are out there right now," Vasher said, "it's a good thing; it's one thing I don't have to deal with right now."

With the Lions not exactly overflowing with cornerbacks for the time being, Vasher will be counted on as a veteran when the lockout ends and workouts resume, so it's also good for the Lions that they already have him signed to a deal.