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Notes From Ndamukong Suh's Youth Football Camp

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh spent Tuesday running a youth football camp at Walled Lake High School in Michigan (it will continue on Wednesday). A number of tidbits came out from the camp, and I've compiled them below.

  • One of the campers asked Suh which team he really wanted to be drafted by. He answered the Seahawks simply because they are the closest team to his family in Portland, Oregon, but he also said he is "very happy" to be with the Lions. Suh added, "I'm definitely glad the Lions took me, and the other teams are going to pay for it."
  • The Free Press has some other answers from Suh to questions campers had.
  • Suh posted a few videos from the camp. The Detroit News also posted one.
  • Lions defensive end Lawrence Jackson, Texans defensive tackle Amobi Okoye and Lions Hall-of-Famer Charlie Sanders were at the camp to help Suh.
  • Suh talked about goals and said, "My goals are team goals. Everything else falls after that." He stressed that if team goals are accomplished, he'll meet individual goals as well.
  • Suh has been in contact with Nick Fairley throughout the last couple of months and is looking forward to getting a chance to work with him.