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Barry Sanders 'Finally Suiting Up To Play Ball'

Former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders posted a very interesting tweet on Wednesday about how he will finally suit up to play ball again. The tweet is very ambiguous and doesn't specify what sport he will be playing or why he will be suiting up, but he did list July 27, 2011, as the date of his -- for lack of a better term -- return.

Here is the tweet:

So many fans have asked over the years... You Win! I AM FINALLY SUITING UP TO PLAY BALL! 7/27/2011 - STAY TUNED - @BarrySandersless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Sanders retired from the Lions on July 27, 1999, so this date isn't necessarily random. Obviously Sanders isn't going to return to professional football, but it's possible he may be "suiting up" for a charity football game or something like that on July 27. I haven't discovered what exactly Sanders will be doing, but that is by design based on his proclamation to "STAY TUNED."

What do you think Sanders is referring to in his tweet?

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